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The Atomic Weight of Cheese: Episode 3, 2017. It was a... year.

Welcome to the Atomic Weight of Cheese 2017 wrap up show! We know it’s only our third episode and you don’t even know if you like this show yet, but’s a wrap up show!

Steph, Chad and Mike spend the hour wallowing in celebrity deaths (there are more than you think!) going over highlights in movies and streaming television (Bill Tench forever!) and say good-bye to a 2017 packed with great pieces of art, if you know where to look.

The Atomic Weight of Cheese features Steph Romanski (@AWOCPodcast), Chad Plambeck (@chocomeundies) and Mike Bockoven (@mikebockoven) who discuss cult cinema and it’s similarities to real life. Find us online at, on twitter (whatever it is) and like us on Facebook. Also, if you know people who are in to cult cinema, tell them! We appreciate it a bunch.

Episode 3 - Download or find on iTunes.


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Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook, fall down Chad’s movie hole at and find him on Twitter (@chocomeundies), find Mike (@mikebockoven) at Our email is Drop us a line and thanks for listening!
Episode 9 - Download or find on iTunes.